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    August 07, 2008


    WOW! I am sooo excited to hear that Krystal won. That is awesome!

    I love those pictures of her!

    such great pics, jessi!

    I'll totally have to check this out.
    I've got to do something to be motivated to eat better.
    Krystal is beautiful.
    That's so neat that her kids and your boys play so well together and that you two like hanging out together.
    Friends like that make life so much easier!

    Sounds fun and motivating! I just couldn't ever bring myself to taking a picture of myself in my swimsuit or birthday suit from the front, side and BACK! Yikes! Especially emailing it to someone over the internet! I can't think of anything more painful! LOL! Great idea and concept though! By the way, you are way too skinny (so is she) to ever need to do this!

    i need some motivation too!!!
    will check this out, thanks jessi :)

    Wondering if the "weight loss challenge" is open to anyone or just your friends and family. I came across your blog while "blog-surfing", and it sounds like such a great idea, and just what I need to get my rear in gear! Let me know. Thanks!

    Ok. That is AWESOME!!!! I think I need in on this. But the pictures might make me cry! The thought of it is bringing a tear to my eye!

    Great photos, Jessi!

    I hopped over from Layle's blog where she gave a heads up on this. Can I still join in ?

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