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    October 14, 2011


    Jessi! HUGE congratulations to you and your family. May is not so far away - hope you are feeling well!

    Um. I just realized you posted this in October, lol. It just showed up in my google reader so my apologies for the late congratulations ;)

    Actually, I wrote a few posts I never published until yesterday. Sorry for the confusion! And thank you!

    P.S. It would be a shame if we didn't meet up just once here in Michigan! I never know when I might move. We can't be THAT far away from each other?

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!!

    ACK! congratualations! we're expecting #3 as well and our due dates are only two days apart!

    i wondered if you were expecting given your recent nursery pins on pinterest but couldn't find your blog for the life of me. into my google reader you go! :)

    Big congrats! I am so excited for you guys! I think you might actually love the big age gap! I had a baby after my youngest was FIVE and seriously she was like the second mom around here which was such a blessing! It was awesome! Anyways, so happy to see this and best wishes with everything!

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